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Fnaf Scary Cover Warning Fnaf Scary Cover Warning

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some stuff some stuff

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice use of dblue, I like this.

Jon's In Canada (Unfinished) Jon's In Canada (Unfinished)

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Really Max, I know you have TONS of other things which occupy your free time but, that being said, I definitely think you should pursue music production!

My Asshole My Asshole

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Is this you singing? Oh my god damn this is so funny! And well-composed, as well!
Is it supposed to sound like "Where is the Love" ? Either way good job.

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Flesh Diner--_-- Flesh Diner--_--

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Greatness has a name..

..And that name is Zenon.
The first 1:10 was very relaxing, and actually if you made that first bit less 'busy' I could totally hear some pop/rap(real rap, not that hip-hop crap you hear on mtv) artist singing over it. At 2:01 I absolutely love when you bring in the grime, and it keeps doing its thing for the rest of the track. Is that a sitar?


PS Thanks for the PM =3

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Desolate Dreams--_--Hardstyle Desolate Dreams--_--Hardstyle

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I have to say, for someone with as little time as you have you sure do make great use of it, pumping out great tracks with relative frequency and I would just like to thank you for sharing them with us all.
Of all the genres you cover, your goa trance are foremost and by far in my opinion the ones that keep me coming back for more. This track albeit titled as hardstyle still carries what I've come to know as your goa trance attributes, and comes together very nicely. Well done once again!

PS Would it be too much to ask to have you PM me when you release new songs? It would be greatly appreciated as I used to check your page every day, but seeing your situation at the moment, (not having your own computer, etc.) I don't check nearly as often. Thanks either way. -Rob

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PERVOK responds:

Wow, thank you :) I will definitely be sure to get a hold of you whenever I get a song completed.

Para - Smog Step Sanctuary Para - Smog Step Sanctuary

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my word

@SlashByte - This is NOT industrial it's dubstep, and some damn fine dubstep if i do say so myself.

@AwesomeMusicMakerGuyWhatDoneMadeThis Track - You certainly have a knack for creating monstrously grimy dubstep with sick dirty tones.

-Feel The Energy- -Feel The Energy-

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say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

@Yourflashsucks - what? This is nothing like Basshunter, in any way aside from the bounciness (is that a word rofl? it looks dumb).

@the track - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD pls make moar >:D also, what program do you use for sequencing? and is this mixed/eq'd at all? either way i love it.. makes you want to get up and curbstomp a cat endlessly!

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stevenfostermusic responds:

ahah thanks for review. i use fl studio 8 and 9
and yeah i tried eqing this track but its from 2008 and it was eq/mixed terribly LOL

wow wtf wow wtf

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This is seriously good. I've got 97 more tracks of yours to listen to, because what I've heard from you so far is promising. Great job on this man. What were your inspirations whilst creating this beauty, and where'd you get the voice sample?


Kreepman responds:

Thanks man! haha

Inspiration? I listen to a looooooot of hardstyle so I guess that could be it! xD
and the voice samples I got from Blutonium Boy's Hardstyle Samples Vol. 2!

(THK) Penor said the Mooglebo (THK) Penor said the Mooglebo

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this is hilarious!


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